Winetricks prefix as Bottles prefix

I tried install this.

First, tried in bottles:

  1. picked application type for bottle
  2. launched exe installer
  3. installation finished
  4. installer closed but app doesn’t automatically start as it supposed to
  5. then I force close it cause it’s showed still running in bottles GUI
  6. launch it manually
  7. after few secs it closes without any GUI being launched.

Second, I tried exe installation via guide:

  1. WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=~/.StarParse winetricks fontsmooth=rgb
    After these commands app worked correct way.

What I did before described actions:
tried flatpak bottles but it didn’t see oracle JRE rpm I installed for proper app fonts so I switched to RPM bottles version

Question: how to set up bottles prefix like from those winetricks commands? Because it’s easier to manage prefix through bottles.

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