"wine64 regsvr32" and "regsvr32" for Bottles? (WineASIO)

Is there a way to run these commands: “wine64 regsvr32” and “regsvr32” on Bottles?

I’m attempting to install WineASIO with this documentation: GitHub - wineasio/wineasio: ASIO to JACK driver for WINE

I’ve managed to do it on my local wine but I’ve tried for hours upon hours to get it working on Bottles to no success.

Hi you can use them from the Command line utility


I’ve followed the wineasio install to a T and managed to register the dll (and managed to get it to work on my local wine) as well as give all permissions possible to bottles (to see if that would help and then I could disable the ones I wouldn’t need) but WIneASIO still fails to start/connect on bottles.

If you could implement it some way into the package that would be amazing, as without it pretty much all digital audio workspaces are unusable.

Thank you for your hard work and the reply.

This will need a more deeply investigation. There is an open issue about asio in our repository. Can you comment there?

Any solution on this one.

please let us know