Wine MIDI Mapper


I try to use the ‘tabledit’ program.
He needs a midi mapper and the ‘Wine midi mapper’ proposed under the Bottles env. does’nt seem to work (no sound)…
Do i have to install a dependencie ?
Or what can i do to resolve this ?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor level in english.

Hello. Welcome to Bottles forum.

Does Bottles have anything like that? Where did you find it?

In any case midi audio works in Wine but it needs a synthesizer. You can check Qsynth and then play some midi sound files to see if everything works correctly.

Here more info: MIDI - WineHQ Wiki

Thank you for your answer.
It seems that after the Bottles installation a kind of “wine midi mapper layer” is installed.
The TablEdit program configuration ask for a midi output device and this option is available.
But no sound.
I suspect a lack of ‘midi sound generator’ … but i don’t know what to do.

Well, it shouldn’t be. Bottles doesn’t use anything like that as far as I remember.

TablEdit has a gold rating on WIneHQ. You must troubleshoot your MIDI sound. Can you actually play any midi audio files on your OS? (just like normal audio files)

Thank you for the answer.
Ok, i have to restart all, first delete the ‘rests’ of an old wine installation than reinstall Bottles.
And before test the midi files.
I’ll be back :wink: