Winamax installation for performance

Did you had any trouble installing the Winamax client ? (Play poker with Winamax using PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile or via Browser)
I had it working with Wine years ago.
What’s the difference in terms of performance regarding choosing Windows app setup instead of Game app during the setup?

If you’re talking about Bottles Environments selection it just uses different default dependencies.
Here is application environment:
And here gaming environment:

Hello @zakapslowany , unfortunately I can’t make Winamax work in Bottles. I am pretty sure in the past I did made it work with Wine.

Steps :
New bottles
Game bottles
Execute the Waminstall.exe
Go through the setup
Launch the app
Until now all is fine. I have the app started.

But if I close the app, then try to launch it again via the automatic exec detected by Bottles in this bottle, “wlauncher”, nothing happens.

Anyone reproduce?


I had different results than you.

During installation there was Wine error, but it proceeded without problems and opened the app where you could log in.

I closed it and launched it again from programs list, but for me it was named Winamax and it still worked.

Side question, you wrote “waminstall.exe”, but the link that you gave above gives “winamax-setup.exe”. Is it a different version?

Hello @zakapslowany ,

Side answer: indeed I was speaking about which is the client I had been running smoothly on an old Linux with Wine.
The problem with Bottle and this setup, is that in the program list, when I hit launch, nothing happen.

What is weird is during the install process, at the end when I let the launch the app tick-box checked, I get the app running (login window).

- Now with your setup
With your setup it seems it is the new version package (Electron), but it doesn’t run neither, at least I get an error window when I try to launch “Winamax” like you mentioned in the program list :

Edit : as a new user I am only allowed to put 1 embedded image in the post :confused:
Thank you for your continuous help on this!

Hmm, not much I can think of right now since we get different results…

Maybe use the “launch with terminal” button on the programs list and later post it here (you can use paste.bin and post a link here). You can also paste the log that gets shown when you press “afficher les details” in that Wine error. Then maybe we could see any clue.

The print details only show the stack trace of the winamax program itself.
The launch with terminal show the line executed, but the command prompt isn’t back implying that the command is still running endlessly.

Did you tried with this setup if you also obtain nothing after the installation?
I care more about this one than the new one (Electron) that you tested.

I think I figured it out.

After setup just the poker app is launched not the launcher that is in the main folder.
Bottles detects the launcher.

You need to run the “Winamax Poker.exe” in “drive_c/users/yourusername/Winamax/Winamax Poker”. You can add it as a custom entry in programs tab so you don’t have to locate it every time.

Thank you @zakapslowany , it works!

Hello @zakapslowany and others, since a few days, there has been an update to Winamax and now I get the error I had with other setup (shown in this previous post : Winamax installation for performance - #5 by Gamer)

I tried to re install in a new bottle with the wamInstall setup, I get the same error than the Electron setup. Also I went launching the right .exe within the file system and I still get the same error.

By any chance, would you mind having a test and tell me if you successfully go until the Winamax login screen of the app?

Thank you,

I can’t even install wamInstall.exe now because one of the downloads during the install has connection error.

It is the same for me.
No luck with the other setup either?

The other one works fine. At least up to the login screen because I don’t want to make an account there.
But you need to use Caffe 7.15 runner (available to download in preferences) instead of Soda, so bear that in mind.

Thanks @zakapslowany. To be honest, I would have never known that I need to use “Caffe 7.15 runner instead of Soda runner”. How did you come up knowing that?

I just always test at least 2 runners before reporting stuff (preferably also other launchers as Steam and Heroic Launcher so I can be sure it’s Bottles problem, but not all programs are possible to get tested there). Caffe is my favorite one because it’s based on “newest” Wine while Soda is based on Proton which is based just on stable Wine 7.0. So there may be differences as it’s literally 15 versions behind (Caffe is based on Wine 7.15 now and the newest Wine is 7.17 so even more in the future), but it’s supposed to be more stable.

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