Visual Studio from 2010 or upto latest

Hi Would like to ask if bottles can work on this ?

on wine i am able to run Visual studio 2010
by downloading dotnet20 , dotnet40 , allfonts and vc2010express

mscoree (Native)
mscorwks (Native)
mspatcha (native,buitin)

and then it successfully works but when as soon as i start webdev40 it has a thread lock “dlls/ntdll/heap.c: main process heap section” wait timed out in thread 0024, blocked by 0184

So i’m looking to an alternative for wine i used
im hoping that any visual studio alteast 2010 or upto latest version will work , so i don’t have to use virtual machine to develop thanks

Newest* Visual studio versions doesn’t works with Wine due to its installer. Bottles uses wine.

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