Using a Gamepad while using the sandbox

I want to deny a Windows Game access to the internet so I enable the dedicated sandbox for that bottle. But when I do so, my Gamepad no longer works, but it works fine when the sandbox is disabled. I know the sandbox is still experimental. Is it still in active development?

That sounds like a bug to me. Sandbox didn’t see any work, but it’s still not done. This should be reported to Bottles GitHub if it still happens.

One more thing that comes to my mind is that you could check if that happens when you block internet to whole Bottles. You can do so by adding FORCE_OFFLINE=1 to Bottles environment variables in Flatseal. Be sure to respond if you check it out since I’m curious now.

I did file a bug report on Github. [Bug]: When using the dedicated sandbox, the gamepad does not work. · Issue #2530 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub