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So I’ve started using Bottles for a lot of games that aren’t on steam, old games on windows, fan games, etc. It’s been pretty great so far.
Yesterday I decided to try the Sonic '06 fan port and remaster (Often called Project '06). I get a splash screen explaining that it’s a fan game, then a black screen and no audio. I’m pretty sure the game is still running because if I button mash a little it seems to start and I get text on the screen that I think is from the opening cutscene, but still no audio or picture beyond the text.
Since the whole thing is running in Unity, I’m wondering if I’m just missing some requisites. I did add Wine Mono to the bottle, but it didn’t seem to help. Any other suggestions?
It’s worth mentioning that the game is listed in Lutris, so I’m reasonably sure it works well enough in Wine.

System specs if it helps: Arch Linux, Ryzen 9 5950X CPU, RX 6900XT GPU, 32 GB of RAM, Bottles is the Flatpak version. The game files are in the wine prefix “C Drive”.

We have reports of many unity games working. The problem may be specific of that game.

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