Unable to locate .exe file

I’m new to bottle. I am trying to run Suzerain game on my linux mint so I made a bottle for games. When I run executible, the .exe files are not showing, folders after folders but could not able to locate the .exe file. even when I try to run the .exe file from the game folder with bottles, it still is not running. What to do?

Some flatpak runtime update ruined the file patterns search a while ago. You need to switch from “supported executables” to “all files” in your nemo file picker that shows up when you select exe to run.

This however will need some troubleshooting. Were you able to run this game in Bottles before? Does it show up anything when you launch it with terminal? Have you tried using different runners in the settings?

I had some frustration with this too, if you use the file picker window after clicking ‘Run Executable’ you need to click the delete button in the filter bar to make .exe files appear for selection.