Ubisoft crash: how do I find the crash dump


New Bottles user and inexperienced Linux user (been using it some years, but not got “under the hood”).

Yesterday I installed the Ubisoft launcher successfully, together with one game (which I didn’t launch).

Today when starting either the launcher or the game, I get this message: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

My (first) question is, how do I access the dump?


Getting the exact same issue. Bottles installed the other day, downloaded a game and ran it no issues, today it wont run anymore. before ubisoft closed last it mentioned something about an update that needed a restart of the software.

I managed to get around it by uninstalling and reinstalling ubisoft connect, and on first launch doing it with my internet connection disabled. the log in screen will show up and at that point i turned my internet back on, logged in, and ubisoft connect just works now. but it would be nice if i didnt have to do that every time i launch ubisoft connect or a game i have on there

At least it’s not just me!

Uninstall/reinstall is my back-up plan, but I thought I’d see if I could get to the bottom of it first, in case it’s something Bottles need to know.

I don’t remember seeing anything about an update, but from what you said, I suspect it’s something Ubisoft have done.

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It seems you’d be right to suspect that:

The C:/ drive of the bottle should be here if you use the flatpak version: /home/username/.var/app/com.usebottles.bottles/data/bottles/bottles/createdbottle/drive_c/

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Even if you were to access the dump’s there is nothing you could read from it unless im missing how to open .dmp files. it’s not plain text


And thanks for the address.

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I assumed it would provide debug info for someone more knowledgable than me.

Thanks anyway.

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A work around that i am currently trying out is adding ubisoftconnect.exe to steam as a non-steam game, and using the bleeding edge beta of proton experimental to have it run. It’s a shame we have to go the route of adding a launcher to a launcher to launch the launcher but ubisoft will probably take a little bit to fix this mess. Ubisoft connect has opened for me and now im in the process of rediscovering the divison 2 files that i already had installed on my drive. it didnt locate the game when i used that button under download, but when i hit download and picked the same folder i had it installed to before it went into this “Discovering files” process that im guessing is verifying hashes or something to make sure the files on disk are valid.

back with a report, it opens ubisoft connect but doesn’t let division 2 run due to EAC, but with lutris using the proton experimental bleeding edge wine executable i managed to launch ubisoft connect and the game as well, with that EAC fix that you can find on reddit