Ubisoft Connect Issue on Steam Deck


New Linux user here. I have a Steam Deck, and installed Bottles and it’s been working mostly great for Origin, and game installers. Last night I installed Ubisoft Connect from the “installers” in its own bottle as well. It worked great! I signed in, downloaded some games, and played them perfectly. Then I went to bed. Today when I open it, and launch Ubisoft Connect, I get an error “Connection lost, A Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable.” but it works fine on my Windows PC, so it’s not Ubisoft’s servers down.

Some google searching said I need to get gnutls or lib32-gnutls but I have no idea how to do this, or if I can do this through Bottles. I assume it must have been there previously because it worked last night. Any help I could get getting these installed or fixed would be wonderful. Thanks.

lib32-gnutils should not fix the problem. Seems more like a temporary problem. Does it persist?

Weird, not sure what’s up then. It did it all last night, but I don’t have my Steam Deck with me right now to test it. I did try to install it through adding the installer to Steam and then running the exe through Steam, and I had the same connection issue, so it’s not limited to Bottles I guess. Just wish I could figure out what’s going on. Learning a new OS can be fun but also frustrating.

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  1. did you get this fixed? 2) which ubisoft games? I only have Far Cry Series 1-5 on steam, the most problematic was Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon with 43 file failures and a direct x issue. The other main problem one was Primal but it was easy to fix by copying the ubisoft folder from a working game and pasting it to Primal.