Try to create desktop entry automatically even in case of manual installation

Hi sorry if this is a recurring subject

as stated in this recent issue

it would be great to create all possible entries when installing a software manually

This would avoid a manual unnecessary extra step for casual users

But to be at least able to do that without terminal tweaking or flatseal

Bottles should ask for default permission to access filesystem=xdg-data/applications

Does the dev team have any plan about it ?

Issue on the flatpak tracker has been submitted here Add default xdg-data/applications permission · Issue #463 · flathub/com.usebottles.bottles · GitHub

I’d prefer it wasn’t the default. You already get the programs/games appearing automatically inside Bottles and that should be enough for casual users. If they want to add it to their OS launcher then desktop entries exist exactly for that reason.

Does flatpak even support asking for permission? Only at installation you get a list of permissions and either you accept them all or nothing happens. You can then disable it using Flatseal (or by commands)

Because that even after a user has sucessfully installed a software in a bottle , he cannot find the software in his linux “desktop files” ( eg : list of applications )

Why would they be automatically in your OS list of applications? It’s one of the advantages of flatpak that they are contained in the program. I also use the Steam flatpak and it works in exact same way.

Currently the only plan that we know of for Bottles future is Bottles Next, but nobody knows when will it arrive.
The best way to contact devs is still using GitHub.