Trick an app into thinking I am running Windows 10

Hello everyone.

I am trying to use bottles to get PICO Streaming Assistant Software to run in Linux. I am aware VR streaming won’t probably work, I am doing this for experimentation purposes solely. But that is not the reason I am posting this topic.

After successfully installing the software as a game, I have run into a wall when launching the app: It checks which OS I am using and closes itself as my OS “is not compatible”.

My question is: Is there any launch option, or configuration I can use to trick the bottle to think I am running natively on W10?

Thanks in advance.

Hello. Welcome to the Bottles forum.

Problem is it should already have been a Windows 10 since Bottles does in fact pass to the app that it’s Windows 10 by default, but it’s possible to see what Wine version was used.
You can hide it by going to your bottle “Tools” → “Configuration” → “Staging” tab and there should be option “Hide Wine version from applications”.

I tried following those steps but I got the same result after all. Could it be perhaps something else I am missing?

Maybe not exactly missing, but this app must check something more problematic to detect OS. It would be best to ask PICO developers about it, but I doubt they’ll want to share those details.