Text to speech reader installation

I installed Neospeech tts and balabolka tts reader but i cant see any voice to use in balabolka. In playonlinux it worked fine… Just a little note, i have installed both the tts and the neospeech voice in one bottle or windows directory.
Any help on how to get this to work

I got balabolka working. You need to install the Microsoft Speech Platform download the runtime here (Version 11) from Official Microsoft Download Center. You’ll also need to download some voices, for english I have used both MSSpeech_TTS_en-GB_Hazel.msi and MSSpeech_TTS_en-US_ZiraPro.msi.

I cannot get SAPI5 to work though which I would really like to get working since TextAloud does not work with the Microsoft Speech Platform and the app won’t start until it detects a SAPI5 voice installed. I would appreciate any help with getting SAPI5 working!

I can’t get SAPI5 to work in Balabolka through Bottles. In Wine 5 I can get Balabolka to work along with TTS voices from https://rhvoice.org/ which have extremely good TTS. I can’t get Balabolka to recognize these voices in Bottles. SAPI5 should be in the list of dependencies in Bottles. I have tried several runners with no success. Bottles can’t run Microsoft SAPI5 default voices in Balabolka. It seems that Bottles can’t run any SAPI5 voices period in Balabolka.

RHvoice is very under rated its an open source project that has high quality SAPI5 voices.
Here are some links. Lyubov is my favorite voice.

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