Sunday morning newbie

Hello, everyone.
Glad to be here. I’m an MX Linux user on an old HP15 as a historical science fiction author, and I read the topic about moving to Discourse, but I have not been able to find Bottles there. Can someone shoot me a link so I can post over there, as seems to be suggested?
I’m going to post elsewhere here in the meantime, as I suspect this MIGHT be the new forum mentioned in the sticky, but the URL doesn’t mention Discourse, so I’m really not sure.


Discourse is just the name of forum software that was used to create this place we’re now on. They also have their own discourse based forum where you can engage with their community and project.
Here more info about it: What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Rest assured, this IS the new forum. Old one was cleared (maybe archived idk) and this one started from scratch.

Thanks for the reply. After reasoning the situation out, I went ahead and posted my question, but thanks for confirming for me.

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