Sound, FL Studio, ASIO latency and Bottle's Profiles

Hi there! I very appreciate Bottle’s Team for doing great things like that! I saw like-this topic before, but with no answer.

I am using fl studio, and it works great but I think (compare with previous windows host) sound became a little bit different. I got 4 questions

  1. How does bottle profiles (Application/gaming) affect the sound quality and latency? Because I opened .yml config and saw row PULSEAUDIO_LATENCY (maybe wrong) = false. What does it means?
    Does initial cmd in-wine commands / “windows” settings different between these two profiles?

  2. How can I reduce audio latency (without quality loosing) and check real values? I can change sound settings in fl studio, but I understand that this sound is intercepted by host os and in-program values are wrong.

  3. Why in-program processors utilization counter show much bigger value then same counter in ubuntu’s system monitor counter? For example in fl I got 90% but in host’s ubuntu - 30-40%. Maybe you know the way how I can give full cpu resources to the bottle?

  4. Can I create a bridge between soundcard and bottle? I know about wineASIO but now I can’t get it to work. I know that linux and windows speaking “different languages” with their devices, but maybe I can connect bottle output to linux output device or smth like this?

Thank you for reading, look forward to hearing from you!