Selection boxes in application are black, no text visible

Hello all.
I use Scrivener for Windows for my writing, and have had many problems in the past getting it running in Linux, mainly because of an included registration subprogram. Bottles has handled it well, and it’s working. But I have graphics issues.


This image shows the preliminary load graphic for Scrivener. The issue here is the box with “Loading spell checker engine”. The box SHOULD have a border all the way around. This issue continues throughout Scrivener, with most areas that should have borders, not having borders.

This one is straightforward. There is an aggressive black box effect on the text to the left, which should display “All” there, and on the document icon to the right. It obscures everything within.

I’m aware that this is something to do with how Bottles is handling my laptop graphics setup, in the compositor particularly, but I’m not sure what settings to change because of all of the additional 3D stuff for the gaming aspects of Bottles. This laptop can never hope to do any gaming whatsoever, but it’s a great little writing machine (mainly because I CAN’T game on it), and perhaps some gaming setting might cure my problems.

I’m just not at all sure where to start. Any experience with this out there? Thank you for reading this.

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I have literally the EXACT same question. Same issues running Scrivener through Bottles. I’ve tried theming, setting all the colors to not-black, changing DX and .Net versions, shuffling from wine 6 - 7… Can’t figure it out. Its not exactly application breaking but it is very annoying - plus I can’t see check boxes so its hard to change Scrivener settings.

Did you ever get this fixed?

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