Scrivener will not load Ubuntu

It stalls on the loading fonts.

I loaded the all font dependencies.

I could not load dotnet 45 or 48. They won’t download.

Here’s what my terminal says:

17:57:54 (INFO) Catalog dependencies loaded
17:57:54 (INFO) Performing Bottles checks…
17:57:54 (INFO) Dxvks found:
- dxvk-2.0-1-12901b5

17:57:54 (INFO) Vkd3ds found:
- vkd3d-proton-2.8

17:57:54 (INFO) Nvapis found:
- dxvk-nvapi-v0.6

17:57:54 (INFO) Latencyflexs found:
- latencyflex-v0.1.1

17:57:54 (INFO) Runners found:
- sys-wine-7.0.1
- soda-7.0-8

17:57:57 (INFO) Bottles found:
- Scrivener

(bottles:2): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 17:57:57.247: gtk_widget_set_parent: assertion ‘_gtk_widget_get_parent (widget) == NULL’ failed
17:57:57 (INFO) Library saved

(bottles:2): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 17:58:02.378: gtk_box_append: assertion ‘gtk_widget_get_parent (child) == NULL’ failed
17:58:17 (INFO) Launching an executable…
17:58:17 (WARNING) Windows path detected. Avoiding validation.

** (process:3180): WARNING **: 17:58:17.518: Error writing credentials to socket: Error sending message: Broken pipe
17:58:17 (INFO) Using Wine Starter – run
17:58:17 (INFO) Using EasyAntiCheat runtime
17:58:17 (INFO) Using BattlEye runtime
wineserver: using server-side synchronization.
wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
002c:err:wineboot:process_run_key Error running cmd L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe -r" (2).
00cc:err:module:import_dll Library Qt5Pdf.dll (which is needed by L"C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\imageformats\qpdf.dll") not found

I looked in the dlls and indeed Qt5Pdf.dll is not there.

Any solutions? I am a relatively new Linux user. Thanks