Scrivener Crashes on Loading Fonts

So, when I try to load my writing software scrivener it seems to crash when loading the fonts. Which is pretty strange. I’m not sure what to do here. I’ve tried Caffe, Soda, and Wine and nothing seems to work. Possibly the sandboxing functionality breaks the checks it does for fonts?

Mine works - I had to install the AllFonts package under Dependancies in Bottles. Also make sure you have dotNet 45, 47 and 48

I finally figured out how to fix this, I’d been using a VM up until now to run the software on Windows.

Anyway the solution!

Arch: win64
Creation_Date: '2022-11-30 04:31:10.053365'
Custom_Path: false
DLL_Overrides: {}
DXVK: dxvk-2.0
Environment: Application
Environment_Variables: {}
External_Programs: {}
- arial32
- times32
- courie32
- andale32
- arialb32
- comic32
- georgi32
- impact32
- tahoma32
- trebuc32
- verdan32
- webdin32
- allfonts
- dotnet40
- dotnet48
- dotnet45
- dotnet46
- dotnet461
- dotnet462
- dotnet472
Language: sys
LatencyFleX: latencyflex-v0.1.1
NVAPI: dxvk-nvapi-v0.5.4
Name: Scrivener
    custom_dpi: 96
    discrete_gpu: false
    dxvk: true
    dxvk_nvapi: false
    fixme_logs: false
    fsr: false
    fsr_level: 5
    fullscreen_capture: false
    gamemode: false
    gamescope: false
    gamescope_borderless: false
    gamescope_fps: 0
    gamescope_fps_no_focus: 0
    gamescope_fullscreen: true
    gamescope_game_height: 0
    gamescope_game_width: 0
    gamescope_scaling: false
    gamescope_window_height: 0
    gamescope_window_width: 0
    latencyflex: false
    mangohud: false
    mouse_warp: true
    obsvkc: false
    pulseaudio_latency: false
    renderer: gl
    sandbox: false
    sync: wine
    take_focus: false
    use_be_runtime: true
    use_eac_runtime: true
    use_runtime: false
    use_steam_runtime: false
    versioning_automatic: false
    versioning_compression: false
    versioning_exclusion_patterns: false
    virtual_desktop: false
    virtual_desktop_res: 1280x720
    vkbasalt: false
    vkd3d: true
    vmtouch: false
    vmtouch_cache_cwd: false
Path: Scrivener
Runner: sys-wine-7.0
    share_net: true
    share_sound: true
State: 0
Uninstallers: {}
Update_Date: '2022-11-30 09:50:07.646989'
VKD3D: vkd3d-proton-2.7
Versioning: false
Versioning_Exclusion_Patterns: []
Windows: win10
WorkingDir: ''
run_in_terminal: false
session_arguments: ''

This more or less is how I got it up, running, and activated. This was exported from bottles 2022.11.14 using Fedora 37 and Sys-Wine-7 from Fedora. I’ll update if this stops working and/or I figure out how to get it working again after it breaks.