Save bottles to external hdd?

Is there a way to save bottles on an external hdd? I have a small 120gb ssd as my main and have 2 500gb hdds for games. Searching through the program settings and specific bottle settings i can’t seem to find a way to link or save to the hdds.

Yes, I use this setup myself, when bottles is not running there may be some dependency on the drive for file icons.

What you want to do is create a new flatpak “installation” on that disk, and then specify the installation when doing the flatpak install command with --installation=<name>.

To start bottles, I then use my own shell script which is flatpak run --installation=extra --filesystem=host --device=all --filesystem=/media com.usebottles.bottles where extra is the name of installation. For convenience sake, you can set up a desktop shortcut for it. After that you may need to change your bottles directory as needed.

I’m not sure if this setup is completely portable, there seems to be some data still being written to .var for me for stuff like runners.

I think you can save any bottle if you have mounted your external HDD.
When you start the bottles program, in preferences you can select another directory

If you have used a flatpak version maybe you need “flatseal”

did you end up getting it work as i was having the same issue

Have you used Flatseal to give permission for accessing other directories?

I havent tried flatseal ill look into that