Recipes not working?

I saved the recipe for a perfectly configured bottle to reuse it, but when I load the recipe for a new bottle none of the recipe settings are taken into account. It’s like creating a bottle without a recipe.
Do you know this problem ?


Hi. Welcome to Bottles forum.

How old is this recipe? Something may have broken, but it shouldn’t. I just tested it with a new bottle and everything seems to work. It would be good if you could share this recipe.

The recipe is recent. I saved it then I directly created a new bottle with it. Here it is.

Arch: win64
CompatData: ''
Creation_Date: '2023-03-06 21:11:13.185479'
Custom_Path: false
DLL_Overrides: {}
DXVK: dxvk-2.1
Environment: Custom
Environment_Variables: {}
External_Programs: {}
Installed_Dependencies: []
Language: fr_FR
LatencyFleX: latencyflex-v0.1.1
NVAPI: dxvk-nvapi-v0.6.1-1-0c54f06
    custom_dpi: 96
    decorated: true
    discrete_gpu: false
    dxvk: false
    dxvk_nvapi: false
    fixme_logs: false
    fsr: false
    fsr_quality_mode: none
    fsr_sharpening_strength: 2
    fullscreen_capture: false
    gamemode: false
    gamescope: false
    gamescope_borderless: false
    gamescope_fps: 0
    gamescope_fps_no_focus: 0
    gamescope_fullscreen: true
    gamescope_game_height: 0
    gamescope_game_width: 0
    gamescope_scaling: false
    gamescope_window_height: 0
    gamescope_window_width: 0
    latencyflex: false
    mangohud: false
    mouse_warp: true
    obsvkc: false
    pulseaudio_latency: false
    renderer: gl
    sandbox: false
    sync: wine
    take_focus: false
    use_be_runtime: true
    use_eac_runtime: true
    use_runtime: false
    use_steam_runtime: false
    versioning_automatic: false
    versioning_compression: false
    versioning_exclusion_patterns: false
    virtual_desktop: false
    virtual_desktop_res: 1280x720
    vkbasalt: false
    vkd3d: false
    vmtouch: false
    vmtouch_cache_cwd: false
Runner: wine-7.0-4-proton-amd64
RunnerPath: ''
    share_net: true
    share_sound: true
State: 0
Uninstallers: {}
Update_Date: '2023-03-06 21:24:57.924972'
VKD3D: vkd3d-proton-2.8-1-08909d9
Versioning: false
Versioning_Exclusion_Patterns: []
Windows: win7
WorkingDir: ''
data: {}
run_in_terminal: false
session_arguments: ''

Ok, I can confirm recipes may be broken. I only tested dependencies in my post above but there are categories that indeed don’t get updated.

For now you could switch it manually. You can export the current bottle and compare it.

Quick question after testing. Are all the settings not working for you or only language and windows version?

Yes, but some settings were default in my recipe. And i redid everything myself through the Bottles GUI while reading my recipe script next to it.

In addition to the language and the windows version there was also the runner that was not taken into account. As well as all the little background settings like for example: Linking user folders from C:/users… to Z/home… , the Windows theme in light …etc

Yes, from memory i think that nothing was taken into account.

Same result in my testing. Though that’s probably because you select the runner when creating a new bottle so it may have higher priority there.

I didn’t in fact test everything, but this sounds like it should be saved. Was this linking made using any of the settings from the list below?
Settings I did not test restoring:

  • LatencyFleX
  • Post-Processing Effects
  • Gamescope
  • Monitor Performance
  • OBS Game Capture
  • DLL Overrides
  • Environment Variables
  • Manage Drives
  • Use Exclusion Patterns

That doesn’t have any place in current bottlebackup.yml so it’s understandable that it wasn’t saved. You have changed it using winecfg right? However backing up winecfg settings sounds like a good feature request to me.

Then we can assume you have a bug for some reason.

The way I see it right now we can currently divide the findings into 3 issues to report on GitHub

  1. [bug] Windows version, language and runner(?) custom configuration backup doesn’t change
  2. [feature request] export winecfg settings in bottle configuration
  3. [bug] custom bottle configuration doesn’t work

Issues 1 and 2 can be reported by anybody, but number 3 should be reported by you since the devs respond faster on GitHub and you would need to provide some more details.
Alternatively if you don’t have account there somebody else can report it but it will take slower. Let me know what do you decide.

Thank you very much for your participation.
I just recreated one for the details.

So no, without choosing another runner ( by default it suggests Soda ) it does not take into account my Wine-7.0.4-proton-amd64 runner as a choice and imposes Soda.

Yes for folder and theme links i always use winecfg through the “Desktop Integration” tab. In fact i think it’s the only way. But i have to redo everything after creation. At the same time, i don’t see anywhere in the recipe any indication for this kind of parameters.

Ok, i already have a GitHub account. Where can i report all this ?

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So I found it and opened a ticket here :

Yes, so it may have higher priority in the creation dialogue than in the recipe.

That’s why it would be good to suggest it in a feature request on GitHub.

You should have split it into 3 issues, but that one can stay as nr.3

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