Question about runners

I imported this Bottle: Office 2016 (32 bits) en Linux con Bottles - El Sótano en la Red

It uses a runner called wine-staging 8.18, or sys-wine 8.18. When clicking on the bottle it complains that the runner is missing. In my list of available runners I have sys-wine 8.02 and with version 8.18 I can only find kron4ek 8.18 and wine-ge-proton 8.18. Its missing for vaniglia which I guess is the standard version of Wine?

So how do I get Wine 8.18? I installed Wine on my distro (opensuse Tumbleweed) but it doesn’t show up in Bottles as it’s the Flatpak version.

Also, does the Wine version get included when you export/import a “full backup”?

You can use Caffe 8.18
Or the kron4ek. They shouldn’t differ much. They are still based on the same Wine version.

It won’t. Flatpak doesn’t use your OS packages (with few exceptions but only crucial ones)

From what I remember it doesn’t get included. It just backs your bottle files.