Question about flatpaks and flatseals and bottles

i understand flatseals cant be used for gaming.

But, if i move data from the dvd to a flatpak. will that make it runnable that way without using a dvd?

or someone from another forum said:

Create a .json manifest file for your game. This file contains metadata about your application, its dependencies, runtime, permissions, and more. You’ll specify the “modules” (components of your app), including the main game executable, libraries, assets, etc,.

or will bottles let you run games without dvds? i tried the no dvd patch for my game, wouldn’t run after that. but, runs with cd. im guessing compatibility issue.

is a method of packaging linux software

is a program that lets you easily manage flatpak permissions

is a repository of flatpak programs

Rather not. If a game needs DVD then you still need to make the DVD files accessible to it in a way that it recognizes the DVD.

Bottles doesn’t use .json files. It uses .yaml.

If you can mount the DVD virtually and the game executable can recognize it then yes. If not, you must use patched version.

Then it’s a bad patch.

how would i mount it virtually?

where can i find a good patch version of it?

the game im running is the lord of the rings war of the ring.

how to virtually mount it?

There seems to be something in moddb. Few people reported it works in the comments.

You can probably learn more here: [Request] A way to mount / unmount CD images when launching a program · Issue #959 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub