Proper way to update wine version bottles is using?

First, thanks for Bottles. I love it!

I have an app that only runs under wine. I tried it with other runners and it wouldn’t work. I noticed Bottles is using wine 7.0. What is the proper way to upgrade the version of wine that bottles uses to the development version of wine (7.7 right now)?

From what I understand Caffe should work just like WINE so I’ll just assume that’s what you’re looking for. If not then I’m sorry.

Open the hamburger menu (3 lines), click preferences, go to runners tab, click on caffe runners, click download and install icon on Caffe 7.7 at top. Then after installation select it on your bottle.

Sorry for not being clear. I mean sys-wine-7.0 in Preferences->Components->Runner. Is there a way to update that to use the system wine which is at 7.7?

Also, none of the versions of Caffe work. How can I help debug them? Where do I file a bug for Caffe? I would really love to help with this project since it’s the best wine bottle manager.

Ok, now don’t take my words for granted since it’s just a speculation on my part, but I think sys-wine-7.0 comes from the Flathub. You are using Bottles Flatpak, right?

I looked at “org.winehq.Wine.yml” and “org.winehq.Wine.appdata.xml” files there and only seen wine 7.0 mentioned and nothing newer so maybe that’s the reason, but it’s just my observation.

On github there was an issue where someone had sys-wine-7.5 but Arch version of Bottles was used (from AUR)

Release day 2021.12.28 ⋅ Bottles
Caffe became default runner in release written above. It seems it’s made by Bottles Devs so you can report it on their github, but I’m not sure where exactly since there’s this: and this: