Problem with GE starters

Good day
While configuring a default bottle for gaming on my Athlon 300U laptop, I couldn’t launch any programs with any runners that have GE in the name. In the terminal, bottles just rattles off some locale generations and then nothing happens. I’ve just recently reinstalled the EndeavourOS because I was able to get my hands on a nvme ssd, and changed the locale.conf to suit my taste, which doesn’t seem to be the problem, because this didn’t have any effect when I tried replicating the issue on my tower PC with Garuda. Which is also why I decided to ask about the issue there instead of filing a bug report, I just couldn’t replicate it on any other system. (Edit) I just wanted to ask if someone has had this kind of problem and whether it’s repairable without system reinstall, because I’m at my wit’s end at this point.

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That’s the first I heard about anything like that and I’ve read a fair share of topics here and on GitHub. Not gonna lie, would like to see Bottles terminal output (flatpak run com.usebottles.bottles) and the health check if you still have this installation.

Yea, I already reinstalled the system, and, thankfully, the problem hasn’t resurfaced. Can’t really perform any health checks and continue testing, but have saved a screenshot of the output, though in this instance the language of the bottle was changed to English, which also didn’t help. For some reason it tries to generate a locale for Gaelic, which is nowhere to be found on the system, I have no idea why it tries to do that.

Well that is curious behavior. But if after reinstall it doesn’t happen then let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.