Previously working bottles fail to start without any error message

Hey there,

I’m running the official Flatpak on Debian Bookworm. I’d been successfully using it to run X32-Edit (digital mixing desk controller software) and an old game (Black & White 2) a few months back. I haven’t opened Bottles in quite some time.

Now, when I try to launch either application, Bottles shows Launching “X32-Edit” or Launching “BW2” and then does absolutely nothing. No error message, no program window, nothing at all.

Any ideas on how to debug this? Failing without any notification or error message at all seems wrong.

So after letting the Flatpak update today, X32-Edit is once again launching without issues.

Anyone know why? Isn’t it a bit weird that there are no error messages when a bottle fails to launch?

Hey, welcome to Bottles forum.

There were some reports that Bottles stopped running programs that worked before, but it wasn’t actually Bottles fault. Probably something to do with Freedesktop XDG or whatever.

Yeah, there should be an error window, but we have terminal for that. You can try the “Launch with terminal” button next to the play button next time or run the whole Bottles from terminal with flatpak run com.usebottles.bottles

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Thanks for the warm welcome and your reply. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I’ll keep an eye out for error messages in the terminal next time it happens.


I need a facepalm emoji… been using Windows too long. Thanks, that’s a good tip.

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