PDF24 Creator & WebView2

I am trying to install PDF24 (https://tools.pdf24.org/en/creator).

I was able to install in Bottles using the MSI installer. It installed two programs. pdf24-Launcher works without issue. However the other program pdf24-Toolbox, which is the one I want to use, launches a blank window. On further inspection it looks like it depends on WebView2 which is similar to Electron I think. To clarify, PDF24 Creator works completely offline, so internet connectivity isn’t the issue.

I think if I could get WebView2 installed and working, PDF24 will work as the other features are working fine. Does anyone know what I could try next or maybe point me in the right direction?

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with Windows and this is my first time using wine and/or Bottles. Sorry if this is something obvious.

I was able to find Microsoft’s WebView2 Runtime (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/). When I try to launch this from the Bottle’s terminal, the Installer GUI seems to work at first but then hangs. The output from the terminal shows this:


ttles\PDF24-msi\drive_c>02b0:err:module:hacks_init HACK: reporting LocalSystem account SID.
02bc:err:module:hacks_init HACK: reporting LocalSystem account SID.
02c4:err:module:hacks_init HACK: reporting LocalSystem account SID.
02cc:err:module:hacks_init HACK: reporting LocalSystem account SID.
02c4:err:combase:RoGetActivationFactory Failed to find library for L"Windows.System.Diagnostics.Telemetry.PlatformTelemetryClient"
02ec:err:module:hacks_init HACK: reporting LocalSystem account SID.
0304:err:module:hacks_init HACK: reporting LocalSystem account SID.
02cc:err:ole:com_get_class_object no class object {cecddd22-2e72-4832-9606-a9b0e5e344b2} could be created for context 0x17
02cc:err:ole:CoSetProxyBlanket -- failed with 0x80004002.

PDF24 installer has Webview2, You should have selected it ?

Myself when trying to launch the toolbox.

P.S. Same case as yours, Launcher works.