Open .doc file with word.exe?

i installed office 2010 inside a bottle “office”. How can I open a .doc file by double clicking with ms word.exe?

I’m assuming you want to open every .doc file in your whole OS using word.exe

First you’d need to give Bottles permission to your filesystem and 2nd you need to follow this topic and figure out how to do it in your OS:
Adding "open with..." integration to app installed with bottles

If not, then just copy the .doc file to your office bottle and open it from inside the word.exe.

Hi johncena1,

Please allow me to commiserate with you here…

Coincidentally, I’m going through the same process right now, but with Office 2007. I successfully installed Office 2007 in a bottle and can run the programs. I can even have Word open a Linux file using the Command Arguments in the bottle. I used “Add Desktop Entry” in the bottle to add an entry to my “start menu”, then edited its properties to change its command. But then I hit a wall.

I read the Adding “open with…” integration to app installed with bottles discussion and it helped some, but did not solve the problem.

So I created my own post.

Please let me know if you make any progress on this.

Hi johncena1,

I managed to solve my problem, I believe it’ll work for you too.
Please take a look at How to click on a file in Linux and have a Bottles Windows program open and load that file.