Online Bottle Creation and Dependencies download, then offline installation...?

Hi all,

Is the dependency manager the only way to install additional dependencies that are not by default installed when a bottle is created? In other words, if a bottle is created online and dependencies downloaded/installed (eg. PhysX, D3D11, etc), and then taken offline via flatseal for the actual install of the application, could there potentially be additional stuff that is missed (because it could not be downloaded real-time)? Is there any reason Bottles should be kept online for the install, and only taken offline afterwards, or is it OK to install offline? Thanks!


Hi again.

It certainly is the fastest one. You can manually install some runners if you know how to. They are located here: /home/username/.var/app/com.usebottles.bottles/data/bottles/runners

Well, you will miss new updates of runners and components, but everything else should work exactly as when you are online (except that the games and programs inside Bottles won’t have internet connection if you block it in Flatseal).

Yes, Bottles should be installed online for it to download all runtimes it needs to function. After that you can take it offline.

Installing Bottles offline is not something that is currently planned. Maybe it can be done if you take the flatpak install into USB and then manually install everything that Bottles automatically does at first start.
First run - Bottles

Thank you once again. Your answers were exactly what I wanted, although my questions could have been phrased better. I was referring to the offline install of the application itself (as opposed to Bottles; that was downloaded/installed following the instructions on the web site). I just didn’t know if bottles would, during the install of the application, note any additional dependencies and download them real time, and I didn’t want to miss anything the app needed. Thanks again!


No, it doesn’t do that. You have to hunt dependencies by yourself. Ofc there are some apps/programs that would download files from their servers (like browser installers or anything like that) but that’s not the point.
I do actually use Bottles with internet blocked in Flatseal and only unblock it if I want to download newer runner or access something with a specific program/game. It works perfectly fine.