Office 2013 installation

1. intro
I am trying to carry out the installation of MS Office 2013. The problem I have may be located at the very initial stage of installation. The iso was mounted in Linux Mint 21. I copied the files from the mount to a folder on the desktop. The path of this folder is located within settings/compatibility/working directory. At this point I click on run executable. From there I click on setup.exe, visible within the Office 2013 folder on the desktop. Here I get the error – ‘module not found’. I am really at a loss regarding how to correct this error. It seems that it is looking for some program that it doesn’t find. Does someone out there have any ideas?

2. modules + Python
After doing a couple of searches, it turns out that this search for a module (I believe) comes from Python. This is because bottles was written in Python, and Python works with modules. Python also works with packages, modules are found in packages, modules are what Python looks for. This is nice to know, but despite the fact that at my terminal I did a – sudo apt install python3-pip – this did not solve the problem. I still have the same question – does someone out there have any ideas (as to how to solve this ‘module not found’ problem)?