Need to Update OpenGL Driver

I was able to install the demo version of Fortress Italy, but it did not run. Received the error message: “Could not initialize OpenGL graphics. Please update your OpenGL drivers.” How can the OpenGPL driver be updated?

Hi SteveR,
I confirm that trying to run CMFI under bottles will give the OpenGL message you mentioned.
I’m just another Bottles user and no expert on Wine, but I did try fooling around with various Bottles and winecfg settings, to no avail.
Then I found a WineHQ bug entry that is probably related: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 9378 – Combat Mission Shock Force DEMO: 'Could not initialize OpenGL graphics.'

So the problem appears to be not in Bottles, but in Wine itself.

@Ebaldino: Thanks for confirming the existence of the OpenGL bug.