Mouse Disappears when hovering over installer


I’m running Fedora i3wm Spin with kernel 5.18.19, nvidia discrete drivers, a 1070 and I’m running Picom. I’ve created both default App and Gaming bottles and tried to install basic apps like notepad++ but when the installer windows popup I can’t click anything and the mouse isn’t visible when I hover over the installer windows. In some apps, npp for example, I can’t even use tab to toggle focus on the buttons - only return key works.

I’ve tried playing with preferences inside the bottle like Take Focus and Rendered, but no ball. Only thing that seems to work is Virtual Desktop, but it’s not the seamless experience I was hoping for as I can’t resize windows.

Ultimately I want to be able to run game installers. But baby steps for now, looks like somethings not working as expected on the basic stuff.

Any ideas?


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