Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe, Bannerlord’s launcher executable doesn’t work in Bottles. I can use a mod as a work around to actually play the game but that’s not ideal because it only allows me to play the single player mode. The launcher seems to have some kind of art asset that may be the reason for it not executing.

Otherwise Bottles is the ideal way to play the GoG version of Bannerlord if a person wants to play with out Steam. The performance, quality and stability is great. And its better than using Lutris, Gamehub, Wine or MiniGalaxy for the GoG Bannerlord I have tried to get it work for months failing every time. Updating GoG Bannerlord on Linux with those other applications is a nightmare but with Bottles I just use GoG Galaxy just like in Windows with no problems so I don’t have to do a complete reinstall just to update the game.

Bottles is highly underrated, thanks for saving me headaches and making Linux gaming easier.

64bit GE-Proton 7.15 solved the problem with the launcher.


Did you install any other dependency? For me, using GE-Proton 7.15 or 7.17 launches a black launcher. Creating a custom executable pointing to the game exe file works fine. Though can’t use mods that way.

Sorry, for the late reply.
I don’t have any dependencies installed but GE Proton 7.17.
I did install it to through the GoG Galaxy installer. I would have to take a deeper dive into this to see if there is anything else I did.