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First and foremost, I wish to thank all the maintainers/developers of this app because I truly believe it fills a gap that has been existing in the linux world around easy to use wine. I wish to install with Bottles Microsoft Office 365 (mainly for Word). I’ve tried using Libreoffice but my university uses special formating in certain documents that Libreoffice doesn’t know how to handle. Anyway, I know that running Office in Bottles is possible (as seen in a video showcasing Bottles made by Youtube creator “The Linux Experiment”: How to run Windows apps on Linux with Bottles - YouTube). I’ve tried using this article to help me run Office: Office 365 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Wine | ruados (to know which dependencies to install), but to no avail. The installer for Office launches under bottles and progresses until it hits the 57% completion mark, then it stalls.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
If you could tell me which options to use when preparing the bottle, that would be even better.
I wish you all a great day and many thanks for your software.

Hi :wave:
Office 365 seems working only when using an offline installer

I also tried to install Office 365 using soda 7.0-4 runner. The installer reports that there is no space left on my device to install. I tried the same exe from PlayOnLinux on a barebone prefix (following the same guide) and I did manage to install it. I’m now trying to download the offline installer from the Command Line from Bottles. Not sure if it seems stuck or it is still doing stuff…

Is there a way to make the flatpak bottle report a different size? I’m sure there is something going on with the container, hence the issue. Maybe a permission is missing?

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