Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC - Offline Installer


I’m trying to install Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC (ProjectPro2021Retail.img) under Debian 12 and Bottles 51.6 (from flathub) and it fails at the start of the installation:

Screenshot 2023-07-05 133913

Here is my bottle configuration:

Runner soda-7.0-9
DXVK dxvk-22
VKD3D vkd3d-proton-2.9
Discrete Graphics YES

Is there any specific config I need to do in order to get the setup going? I also tired MS Office 2019, offline installer en_office_professional_plus_2019_x86_x64_dvd_7ea28c99.iso but got the same result.

Thank you.