Microsoft Office 2016 - offline version


Thank you very much for your application that greatly facilitates the understanding of Windows installations with your very practical graphic interface.
BUT… I’m not good enough!

I have an official offline version of MS Office 2016 at home (carton box with the product key). The file format is a .img containing the following tree structure:

In office folder, there are many contents (folders & files).

So, how can I install Office 2016 offline with this file type please?

Thanks again for your precious help!

Hello. Welcome to Bottles forum.

So this means it’s USB image. You can either research if it is possible to mount .img file like .iso files or wait for Bottles to add a way to mount .iso images (and see if it works with .img) and then try it.

Here’s the issue on github that talks about it:

Sorry for not helping more, but I myself also wait for this feature since I don’t want to waste time learning how to mount image files.

Alternatively you can try extracting the files from .img to a folder inside your Bottle and then run setup.exe but I doubt it would work

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I am very late sorry, but thank you very much for your reply.

Too bad it is only exe compatible. Do you know how to make an empty bottle and put files into it please ?

Thank you very much again.

  1. Create a new bottle.
  2. Click “utilities” in “details & utlilites” tab
  3. Click “Browse C:”
  4. Create a new folder there
  5. Extract the files from your .img file
  6. Return to Bottles and click “run executable” button
  7. Select the Setup.exe after locating it.

But I don’t guarantee it would work because if the installer wants to check if the CD/USB is inserted then it won’t see it and it will fail.

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I tried installing office 2016 and it was running smoothly so you should have no difficulty installing the software

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I must first apologize for never coming back to thank you. You guys make a great community. I intend to test your recommendation. Thanks again!

So it seems Office is installed but I don’t know which exe shall I pick up : I have selected /home/user/.var/app/com.usebottles.bottles/data/bottles/bottles/MS-Office/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office 15/ClientX64/IntegratedOffice.exe

I have tried also /home/user/.var/app/com.usebottles.bottles/data/bottles/bottles/MS-Office/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Updates/Download/PackageFiles/XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX/root/Office16/EXCEL.EXE without success.

@francescomasala do you remember the path to launch tour programs ?

Thank you very much !

I used "/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Updates/Download/PackageFiles/XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX/root/Office16/EXCEL.EXE" and it went smoothly

what version of wine are you using?

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Hello, really strange, this is exactly what I did… and I still struggle to make it work.
Version is : Win64 Application with caffe-7.7 and I have chosen Application as the environment.
How can I display the Wine version please ?
Thank you

hi francescomasala
i am trying to install office 2016 home student on bottles. doesnt work. what were your settings when you succesfuly installed it?

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Hi everyone,
Same situation as oliver.storch for me. Couldn’t manage to install office 2016 home student. I tried to execute OfficeSetup.exe in my bottle. But it terminate with a message saying I have a network problem or a disk space problem…
@francescomasala can you tell us how did you procede ?