LINE Messenger installed, but cannot run

I’ve installed LINE Messenger App using bottles flatpak version with Application environment. but when I try to run it, it just went blank and not responding.

Am I missing some dependencies? How can I know what dependencies did I miss?

Can someone try to install it to confirm it can runs on bottles?

What exactly have you installed? Nothing on the website you shared has a windows download option.

Oh right, sorry. You need to change your browser’s user agent so that the website displays the download button for the windows package.

Wow ain’t that some dumb webdev.

Anyway I had the same results on both runners that I use until I found out that you need to install vc 2015 redistributable.

Go to dependencies tab in your bottle, scroll down to “vcredist 2015” and install it. After that reboot Bottles and you should be able to run LINE app. I only got to the login screen so I don’t know if it has any errors later in the app.

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