Latest bottles flatpak broke?

So since the last bottles update I can’t seem to install anything in bottles? I had a bottle break after the update so I was going to recreate it to see if that would help (I believe it was a missing library or something but it’s been a week or so.) However, when I went to install the app I had in it and it opened a file picker, the installer.exe isn’t visible or selectable. Manually typing the filename and path and hitting run does nothing either. I have a few bottles with other things installed that still work, but I can’t install anything new. I’ve included a screenshot for clarity. You’ll see that the installer file is clearly in my Downloads folder but bottles can’t see it. I’ve made sure that it’s all within the sandbox, so that shouldn’t be part of the issue.

This is the flatpak version of Bottles, which I was told is the official supported install method, and it’s on Arch Linux, but as I understand flatpaks that shouldn’t matter.

There was (and maybe still is) a problem with filtering files on KDE.
[Bug]: File picker only shows MSIs on default filter · Issue #2555 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub
If it isn’t already in version 50.2 then it should be in the next release.
For now you could try turning off the “Windows Installer package” filter visible aboce the “run” button on your screen.

Thanks for that. For any onlookers, the gist is that it’s a bug with how the KDE file picker works. While you can’t select anything other than Windows Installer Package, you can hit the “X” that appears in the right of the drop down to disable the filter all together. Then you can pick your installer.