Issue with running a game


I recently found out Bottles. I really like its UX and decide to give it a try.

The best thing is that I can have many apps in single bottle, so I don’t have to create multiple prefix for every single one of them. The problem is that I can’t set up different settings for every installed program.

However, my main problem is related to a game. I installed a game that is perfectly running with Lutris but I get an error when I run it via Bottles. The error is that it needs Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime.
But I have installed them from “dependencies” tab.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t work…
I’m using Flatpak version with custom bottles path in my secondary HDD in /mnt.

Which game it is? Can you update the title with the game?

Hmm, very strange. I deleted my bottle and recreated it. This time everything works as expected.
I just noticed that last time the windows directory was about 600-700 mb, now it’s 1.4gb.
I suspect that the problem was caused by the Flatpak sandbox, but actually, this is the main reason I decided to move to Bottles.

As I said, I use my secondary HDD which is mounted in /mnt, so in Bottles preferences, I chose a custom bottles path. Is this OK? I’m asking because it says “This will break the sandbox!”. How does choosing a custom bottles path break the sandbox? I want to use the sandbox functionality for sure.

This breaks the sandbox because your next bottles are placed outside the Bottles path, So your bottles could potentially access external files too

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Okay… so there is no way to move my games in an external HDD and keep the sandbox at the same time?

You can reduce risks just exposing the single path instead of the whole device

I don’t use Flatpak at all and I’m not familiar with it. By “exposing” you mean “Other files” option in Flatseal?
I set up it like this:
So, I gave it access only to this specific “Bottles” folder, right?

Yes, it should be enough

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