Installing plugins for old Firefox version

I need to use an old version of Firefox (v51) that’s the last version that can use a plugin that I should install for Firefox. The process is always to first install Firefox and then install the extension.

I create a “bottle” (applications profile) and installed Firefox 51 without issues, disabling updates to avoid it auto-update to higher versions. Then, I installed the extension (is an executable that copies the plugin to all browsers). However, when I open installed Firefox from same bottle, it have not installed the browser extension.

Please, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you

If you can give the name of the extension I might be able to check it out myself when I have time.

Well, download page is not disposable, so I’ll share with you tomorrow a link with Firefox 51 (you must disable internet to avoid it upgrade itself, disable “update” in Firefox, and then install the plugin (is not an extension, my fault, I wrote it right in subject but not in content).

Here you have both (don’t forget to avoid Firefox to update itself or you will no able to install XStandard plugin)

Firefox seems to detect it. I don’t know what to with it however. Tested on clean/default application bottle without installing any dependencies myself.

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My fault. Despite I insisted here to disable Firefox update, in my case, it updated, that’s why XStandard was not showed in “plugins”. I deleted “updater.exe” from Firefox folder, reinstalled “Firefox 51” and voilá, XStandard is there.

To check if it works you must open Firefox, then “File, Open” and look for a “test-drive.html” or similar (curiously, it’s showed in the Bottle but when I click it , instead open Firefox with that page cause HTML files inside Bottle it’s not associated to any browser.

So THANK YOU for your help, I needed it to find my mistake!!!

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