Installing Native Access and Traktor

I have been trying to figure this out, and so far the advice I received on the Steam Deck Reddit was to use Bottles. I created a new “Bottle”, named it Traktor, and then ran the “Native Access” installer. At first everything was going smoothly until it reached the “Installing Dependencies” stage. At this point, I received an error that said:

“please grant permission to Native Access to install dependencies. please restart native access and try again”

So then I searched Native Instruments help desk and found an article that directed me to install NTKDaemon 1.x.x Setup PC.exe to install some dependencies, so I ran that exe inside the bottle. However, halfway through installation it crashed.

Has anyone successfully installed Traktor on Linux or maybe even Steam Deck specifically? I’m looking for any advice that might help me get even one step further in this process. Admittedly I am very new to Bottles so it’s also possible I am misunderstanding some of it’s fundamentals. Is there an easy way to know what dependencies a program needs or is trial and error the name of the game? Also, I’m wondering if installing Native Access is even necessary or if there might be a way to install Traktor without it? The main problem I see with that is that NI doesn’t seem to provide an executable online for Traktor itself, just Native Access (a downloader for NI software) Thanks in advance for any advice you might have!

Install FLATSEAL. This will do the job.