Installing GOG-Games with Standalone installer?

What i wanted to do is install a game with it’s standalone Installer (Grim Dawn). Though when i try running the Installation The Installation Process would ask me to put in another disk. Obviously because the .exe doesn’t find the .bin files. I used to do it the same way when i used Lutris so i don’t really know what i’m doing wrong here?

However i somewhat found a solution by manually select the folder of the installation file within the sandbox and the Installation will go on. Though the game then will just give me a Black Screen when using Soda… when using Sys-Wine it might even lock my screen and i have to reboot to be able to do anything again.

What I always do is place all the files inside bottle location which you can access from the options “browse files” button

You need to experiment with runners. Try Caffe 7.20 or even more recent Wine versions from kron4ek. Grim Dawn has pretty good rating on WineHQ so there shouldn’t be any major problems. You can also try to launch it from terminal to possibly get some more info about what exactly causes the black screen.

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Hey, thank you that helped.

However the black screen remained. But i found a fix: For whatever it doesn’t work to just click the “play button” after installation. I’ll always end up with a black screen. No matter what Runner Setup i used. However what worked is adding the games.exe manually after installation. Then starting works. :smiley:

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