Installing C64 Studio - Parameter transfer to another command line tool

Hello everyone.

I think I have a rarely used app here and it may be unknown to many. :laughing:
This is a .net48 basic and assembler development environment for the good old C64. A home computer from the 80s. Within the application settings, there is another app (exe) that communicates with the C64 via IP and parameter transfer.
In detail: The development environment compiles the code and passes the program to the command line tool, which then forwards the program to the C64 via IP address and parameters.
I ask because this constellation has worked so far with “Playonlinux”, but not with Bottles. Does anyone know what settings I can make so that this also works with Bottles? Many thanks for your help.

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Hello. Welcome to Bottles forum.

It probably used some dependency that you need to install in Bottles.
If you say that it’s a .net then I would try installing dotnets dependencies inside your bottle.
One year ago people on Github wrote that you need dotnet 3.5
C64Studio 7 on Linux using mono · Issue #56 · GeorgRottensteiner/C64Studio · GitHub

Hello and thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:
In the meantime, the software has also been released for .NET 4.8 and .Net 4.0 and 4.8 is installed in Bottles. The main program also works, but not the additional plug-in within the software. In this constellation, however, it works under PlayOnLinux. But very unstable, which is why I switched to Bottles.

Would be good to check what PlayOnLinux installs and try it in Bottles. I don’t know how to check that though. Maybe they have script installers like Lutris…