Installing an app using .iso images

I have a Win app archived as .iso images (originally CD discs), that I would like to use in bottles.
On windows I had “virtual” disc player that allowed me to install it OK.

How do I, please go about “installing” it (on my EOS machine) to run in Bottles?

You would want to mount the iso file on Linux side using mount:

mkdir ~/iso # This directory could be anywhere, but using homedir/iso as an example
sudo mount ~/Downloads/my-iso.iso ~/iso -o loop # Mounting the iso as a loop device

From there you could launch the setup exe in your bottle.

Thank you!
Will this allow me to “install” the app somewhere?
or will I have to mount and run it from iso every time I want to use it?
iso I have is an image of the installation disc…
Sorry if my questions are daft…
I am way out of my depth - you could say that I have reached my level of incompetence :wink:

Assuming the app in question is relatively standard, it would install in the bottle’s “drive” and create an entry in the start menu - you could launch it using that.

Also wanted to edit to say - since you used plural “discs” in your post; if it requires you to switch discs during your install you would probably be able to simulate switching out discs by just unmounting the first iso then mounting the next one:

sudo umount ~/iso # unmount your iso folder
sudo mount ~/Downloads/my-iso-disc2.iso ~/iso -o loop # remount iso folder as the next disc
# rinse and repeat until you're finished installing the software
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…would install in the bottle’s “drive” and create an entry in the start menu…

that sounds very promising - thank you!

…if it requires you to switch discs…

actual app is on one iso disc, but I also have separate .exe to update disc version to the latest one.
I am assuming that, if I manage to install the app as you have described above, I should be able to just run this .exe update - but one step at a time… :slight_smile:

I am going away tomorrow for at least a week - hopefully will have some free time to play with my laptop :+1:

Thank you again for your help!

Just an update (with apologies it took so long…)
In the end the easiest way (for me at least) was to mount .iso in Win10 install the app and then copy app folder to my Linux laptop.

The app works perfectly with Bottles on my Linux laptop

Thank you!

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