Install Paint.NET on bottles

I’ve been trying for the past hour to install Paint.NET using Bottles. I have gotten to the part where the installer opens and i am on the regular MSI installer page but i get a C# error (the one linked below) and i can’t seem to get rid of it. I need Paint.NET with Plugins for my workflow so using GIMP or Krita isn’t an option and Pinta doesn’t have the Plugins required.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, welcome to the forums.

Sorry but running paint_net on linux is just straight up impossible and will be for a long time (but feel free to prove me otherwise).
This and the windows store with game pass is something that I would love to have on linux, but it’s not gonna be easy.
I’m even willing to pay for paint_net a full AAA game price if it allows the newest version to be ported here with full performance (or even 90% of windows).

The problems with paint_net on linux are:

  1. It’s not open-source anymore so people can’t swap components that work just on windows.
  2. Devs doesn’t care about other platforms than windows
  3. Older versions run on Wine with some amount of success, but versions above 4.0 don’t and it was cited that the reason is that they might be missing Direct2D and Windows Animation Manager
  4. Pinta is nowhere near the performance and stability of newest paint_net and is based on the last open-source version of it which was many years ago.
  5. paint_net now runs on pretty much the newest .net versions which are supposed to be cross-platform, but due to no surprise not all components of this tech are cross-platform like microsoft states. So it’s up to Wine to make other parts available.
  6. The version you could try that has the best chances of working is the portable version which can be downloaded from github. It skips the installer which is kind of complicated. But it still doesn’t work.
  7. I don’t even know where to begin with reporting the paint_net to Wine developers. The rules for submitting are too complicated for me and I don’t want to be banned there for making bad tickets/issues
  8. I have a theory that if paint_net would come to Steam it would be easier to make it work. We could then just post reports of it not working on github or Steam forums and maybe later it Proton would get patches for paint_net which would later be included in normal Wine.

So, your best bet is to contact the Wine devs or test out my theory and contact the dev to ask him to publish paint_net on Steam. Bear in mind that publishing on Steam costs $100. And possibly paint_net on Steam would also be not priced as free, but paid just like the version in MS Store. Maybe a crowdfund for that to up the chances of the dev accepting that suggestion.


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