Install game in bottles freezes thunar file manager

hello all, I’ve run into a weird problem and tracked it down to using bottles.
I am on arch linux, clean install as of beginning of august, all updates applied. I installed bottles via the arch user repository, and it adds an icon to “accessories” app list.

once I install a game in bottles, whenever I go to thunar (xfce file manager), and right click an open area (as to create a new folder/file/or paste a copied file), thunar freezes for quite a while, and when I bring up htop in a terminal, I can see thunar consuming 12+ gig of memory.

I tried removing the bottle (game) I just installed, doesn’t fix it, I uninstall bottles, doesn’t fix it, thunar still locks up. in order to get thunar working again, I have to delete my user account and recreate it, which leads me to believe bottles may be modifying something in my home directory.

I originally posted here: [SOLVED] thunar locking up with right click / Desktop / Xfce Forums, thinking it was an XFCE/Thunar issue, only to later realizing that the issue starts after installing a game via bottles.

has anyone else run into this before? any ideas what could be happening?

any help is appreciated.


Have you tried the flatpak version? It’s currently the one that works the best.

thanx for the response. I tried the flatpak version, and am not very familiar with flatpak. it seemed to be redownloading the entire game, even though it’s already running on my system in it’s original directory.

I’ve just kinda given up on it, as I was spending too much time trying to get a game (that’s been running for 10 years in default wine) to work in a different environment. I may revisit this at a later date.

thank you again!

The thing with flatpak is that it is sandboxed so it doesn’t have access to files that aren’t in the flatpak app’s folder. You would need to move or copy the files inside one of your bottles that you create in the app. There are some shortcut buttons that can guide you there.

You can also use flatseal to give Bottles the access to other files in your PC and even create a bottle in other drives.

thank you…

thanx for taking the time to explain that in further detail. I will re-investigate this route.

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