Improving Render Times in Bottles

Hi, I don’t know if this issue is specific to the app I’m trying to use or a general one, but I’ve noticed a major difference in render times in the program Terragen 4. For those not familiar, it’s a program for generating and rendering realistic landscapes. If I run the basic default scene at low settings in Bottles it takes about 4 times longer than if I run the exact same thing in a Windows 10 VM I allotted half my systen’s RAM and cores to.

Any ideas what could be done to improve this? Anyone here actually familiar with this program specifically?

I’d bet it’s program specific.

There may be some overhead because Wine is translating windows directx functions to opengl/vulkan, but 4 times slower is too much overhead. So probably it’s just that the Wine doesn’t support some features well.

Doesn’t Terragen have linux version from 4.6? Don’t know for sure though because I just read their news briefly.

Yeah, probably program-specific. Can’t find any settings to do fix this.

As for Terragen having a Linux version, yes and no. There is a Linux Render Node, which I have not tried but gather will run the actual renders. The main program, though, where one actually makes the scenes, has no Linux version. Never gotten a clear answer as to if they intend to do so.

Update: I found that Endeavor OS wasn’t playing well with one of my laptops and put Zorin on it instead, and I came across a surprise. Terragen in Bottles had basically a normal render time on the Zorin laptop, where my beefier gaming rig running Endeavor OS still has the 4x longer one. Maybe the actual issue is some issue with newer kernels?

Well, it may be a kernel issue or runtime issue or Wine issue. It’s endless troubleshooting…
For example look at this GitHub issue. Few users reported that they can’t run any Unity engine games while for others they work perfectly fine.
[Bug]: Can't run unity-based games · Issue #2635 · bottlesdevs/Bottles · GitHub
You just never know what is gonna get improved and what’s going to break.