I'm first! Desktop shortcut to take you direct to your bottle and immediately launch your program

Subject says it all.

Can it be done?

Hi, reach the context menu of your program of interest and click on “Add desktop entry”. If using flatpak you will need to give it permission to ~/.local/share/applications directory.

When I launch Bottles, I am not presented with the screen you show in your video. I am taken to a list of programs already in a bottle. In fact, the icon for Bottles in my application launcher doesn’t look like yours.

Which version is it?

I only installed it this past week.Otherwise I can’t see how to retrieve the version

From the main menu → About Bottles

Looks like I needed to install flatseal. Once I did that, I can duplicate your steps, thanks!

One last question - any plans for Bottles for ARM, such as Armbian?

We are waiting for a stable WINE Arm build

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Reading the website it seems that will never happen as they say WINE is not a CPU emulator…

There are already arm builds but not usable at all

Can bottles be configured so that .desktop files be saved on a custom dir other than (~/.local/share/applications)
thanks a lot.

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