Iexplore.exe can't open web pages

iexplore.exe can’t open web pages, when you fix the bug?

Hi, welcome to forum.
What OS are you using, what IE version have you tried and why? IE is discontinued for normal usage. Also what web page?

Hello! thank you for response!

OS: Archlinux
Kernel: 6.01
IE: wine gecko

Can’t open any web page, I use mt5, so I can’t login into to my account via battles, when use system wine is not problems.

Well I’m kind of confused.

You’d generally use system browser or user installed browser for anything requiring you to login. First I’ve heard about using Wine browser.
Anyway, I’d still need more info to at least know what is going on and how can I check it out myself since I don’t see IE in Bottles and Wine wiki gives pretty old versions. How did you get that IE to run in Bottles?


Thanks your response!
install gecko (IE for wine)

run explorer

run iexplpre.exe
Screenshot from 2022-10-23 21-07-00
web page didn’t show

so in mt5 ie plugin didn’t working

the bug only on bottle, on system wine not problem

Ok, so my findings are that it indeed doesn’t work, but you also don’t need to install gecko since iexplore.exe is included by default. So it seems to me there’s something wrong with default installation. I can’t even open settings in iexplore.exe.

At this point it would be best to make an issue on Bottles github and wait for response, maybe there’s something I am missing. You can do it yourself or maybe someone else will link this topic there if you don’t have github account.

hi! ok, thanks for response!

until now, not any response

until now, not any response from github, is it not fixed problem?

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