How to use installers?

This page - Installers - Bottles - says there is a sidebar with installers in Bottles. But my Bottles has no sidebar. It just has a + button to create a new Bottle.

And the YouTube video in the help page isn’t even using Bottles! It’s using another app called Boxes. What is going on please, am I even on the right forum?

The documentation is outdated much. I was actually planning to propose updates to it myself, but Bottles slowed development and few weeks ago Bottles Next was announced so you’d need to rewrite the documentation once again when it drops.

Yes, you must create a new bottle and then you will have an option to use installers. It’s on the first window after entering the bottle - “Install programs…”

Thank you! Found it.

And oh, that’s a pity. FL Studio worked flawlessly, so I was really looking forward to other automated installers for games, VSTS, and software to be added by smart people. It seems like Bottles Next is a long way off.

Installers are generally only for problematic software which require some tricky dependencies and tweaking. The goal is to have .exe programs/games run without any installers at all.

It is for sure, but sounds like a nice evolution and so far Bottles keeps working without bigger problems.