How to map gamepad for Bottles?


I installed Epic store with Bottles, but my gampad is not well mapped for the games, how can I remap it?
Is there a tool on Bottlles to remaps gamepad?
Thank you.

In fact, after several tries, it seems my title is not correct; I don’t need to remap map controller, but it would be recognized :sweat_smile:
I have xbox360 controller and it is not reconized on Epic through Bottles. I tried to install “xinput” as dependancies on Bottles without success.
Why my controller is not recognized on Epic with Bottles as it is reconized on Steam natively?

Ok, some news.
I tried to play to one of my humble bundle games (“VVVVVV”) with Bottles with a fresh new bottles.
And my controller worked!
I tried to play to Never alone on Epic with Bottles on fresh new bottles, only “A” and"B" buttons worked, not d-pad nor analogic sticks.
I tried also to play to Never Alone on Lutris and Heroic launcher, and I have the same problem.
I really don’t understand where the problem is…

Hello. Did you ever figure this out?

I have a Stadia controller that is not correctly mapped in Bottles, but it works perfectly when using Steam. I tried using AntiMicroX to remap, but it doesn’t seem to carry over to the Bottles Flatpak.


No I didn’t figure out what happen.
I tried the last Guacamele 2 free on Epic, and this time, my controller works.
Is there a problem between Wine and Never Alone?

Thank you.